not a soul in all these lonely streets

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I really think my tastes and preferences are becoming more developed and I think that I'm really maturing as a person and

I'm glad. (wow that was a lot of I's)

A post on that later, first I must accomplish:

My history paper and my notes for the test
My women's lit movie review and the report about canadian marine disasters
My AK studies hat project (how the FUCK am I supposed to do that oh my god) and notes
My math homework (dear lord in heaven nothing else needs to be said about this)






I was eating a breadstick from the Great Alaska Pizza Co. and it made me strangely nostalgic

I used to get them all the time after ballet (that's probably why I was such a fat kid) and I would always bite off the side parts with the parmesan cheese because that part tasted AMAZING and then I would dip the remaining plain bready part in the marinara sauce they gave you.

This was the first time I'd had a bag of them in years but I automatically ate them the way I did when I was a child. I guess you never forget some things.

Anyways I was eating them and I felt this weird tightening feeling in my chest once I realized what I was doing. It's so strange how I could get that from eating breakfast.

Feeling that sad-happy feeling of nostalgia kind of made my day to be honest. I have very mixed feelings about my childhood but it's glad to be reminded.

I guess some people never grow up from that piss baby stage of their lives. Argon from group kind of seems like a not quite annoying version of a piss baby. In fact, I think she would be really cool once you got to know her. I hope she comes to group again.

Since I'm already talking about group, let me just say that the last one was FANTASTIC. We just did the check in and I told everyone about my shitty week, and we all started gossiping about our therapists and the cute boy in the waiting area. Then Sodium suggested that we do an exercise where we write our names on papers and pass it around and then people would write compliments about us, so that if we were feeling down during the week we could read it and remember that people we respected thought we were awesome (!) and it was

so much fun like ok you have no idea~

"There's a certain kind of pleasure that comes from complimenting people and seeing them light up and knowing that you've made their day" my good friend Anna told me this when I was feeling down and time and time again she is proven correct. It was so amazing seeing people blush and light up from your compliments, because you know you're going to help them have a better week.

Then I read mine and I was thinking WOW I LOVE EVERYONE IN THIS ROOM

So in my opinion I am a very messy and hideous eater like I spill stuff and I make weird noises but apparently it's very cute?? (◞ꈍ∇ꈍ)◞⋆**✚⃞ THANK YOU MAGNESIUM ILU

Ok so also Barium said that she likes my style and that made me more comfortable to keep on dressing the way I've been dressing because I'm trying to look less slovenly so YAY FOR CONFIDENCE

I have an absolutely hideous amount of books that need to be returned to the library ASAP but I haven't done it yet because I'm a dumb baby. jk (not really)

P. S. I hate Facebook so I'm finally cutting myself off of it go me!(╯°□°)╯︵ ʞooqǝɔɐℲ

(That was me drop-kicking my Facebook account)


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