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*white girl voice* new year, new me pt 1
It's been a while


It's 2014 and I'm.... apprehensive but also excited! Some things that have happened since my last post:

-Made a decision to spend more time with God and further my relationship with Him of my own volition (!!!!)
-Actually made a game plan to accomplish the things I want to accomplish (more on this later)
-Finally figured out winged eyeliner
-Helped V figure out the source of her emotional troubles
-Managed to not fail any classes

Not bad.


On to the next part of this post, which is


I've been trying to grow out my hair for a while, and I've actually made a lot of progress. Once my hair gets down to my butt, I'm going to cut it straight across and get rid of any remaining damaged hair. I'm also going to buy arrowroot powder so I can get started on making my dry shampoo. This is because I'll start using my shampoo bars and the coconut oil treatment on my hair, but I don't want to wash it as often so I can lessen the damage to my hair. I will also continue to take biotin, because I feel like my hair has definitely been growing with it.

As far as skin goes, what I'm doing now is working for me, but I think I'm going to try and switch out my regular moisturizer for the lineage one. Maybe I'll get the Clarisonic sometime later this year, but it's not a necessity. I think it's something I'll treat myself to once I give up sugar for good. I also found all these really cool detox baths, but they're something I'll treat myself to once I lose some more weight.

148 pounds.




POUNDS good God I am 5' 5" I should not weigh that much


I'm basically making a decision to be more proactive about weight loss since I'm not dealing with crippling depression like I was last year. I think the hardest part for me will be eating, because while I can workout with the best of them, if I'm not smart about eating then I'll just gain muscle. So I've decided to give up three things: carbs, unnatural sugars, and dairy. I'm going to give up dairy because it's filled with lots of icky hormones that make me break out. Unnatural sugars because I think they are bad for you anyways. Carbs because I know that you lose fat faster with a low carb diet. Now, I know that this obviously isn't going to happen overnight, so I'm going to give myself incentive: when I give up carbs, I'll buy myself lots of leggings. When I give up dairy, I'm going to buy myself all sorts of bath supplies. When I give up sugar, I'm going to buy myself a Clarisonic.

I'm also starting this month-long detox thing where I drink lots of smoothies and drink lots of vegetables, and I quite like it.

To less vain Plans-

I'm trying to find a way to fit piano practice, writing, homework, reading, and working out in the meager 24 hours I have. It'll definitely be a challenge. Ugh I also need to clean out my closet and my bathroom cabinet, because my mom has all her stuff in there and I barely have any room.

Anyways,pt 2 coming soon! I have to finish my homework.
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