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This is IT
I've finally crossed over to the dark side. I am going to attempt to write my FIRST FANFICTION

Title: Lost in Translation

Summary: Cassandra Cain truly empathizes with her namesake.

She was in the library, practicing her reading. Needless to say, it wasn't going very well, because Babs was pushing her too fast and it frustrated her. She looked around the library for any distractions, when a big book with fancy gold letters caught her attention. Upon opening it, she saw that it had pictures, lots of pictures, and she was sold. Babs will be mad at her, she's supposed to be moving on to the chapter books (no pictures, BORING) but

she took it home. This later turns out to be a very big mistake, but she didn't know that. Snuggled up with a warm blanket in Batman's special computer chair, she began to read.


Once upon a time, a girl named Cassandra was born. She was a princess of Troy, and she was second in beauty only to Helen of Troy herself.

The feast celebrating her birth was held in a temple dedicated to the god Apollo. Many drinks were imbibed, for everyone was joyful of the young princess's birth. The king and the queen were very drunk, and decided to relocate the revelry to the palace where there was more wine to be had. Ironically, everyone was so drunk that they forgot their main reason for celebration, and Cassandra was left all by her lonesome to spend the night in the temple.

However, it was through the neglectful actions of her parents that she gained an astounding gift: the gift of Prophecy.


At this point in the book, Cassandra felt the beginnings of dread start to build in her stomach, but she soldiered on she kept reading.


The king and queen were surprised to say the least, but they were again filled with joy at their talented daughter. She was immediately put into training to become an Oracle, and her abilities grew to surpass that of any priestess before her.

In order to become a fully realized Oracle, Cassandra had to spend a night alone in the Temple of Apollo. By this time in her life, she had shed the vestiges of youth and blossomed into a truly beautiful young woman. Apollo noticed this, and he desired her. But Cassandra would not yield to his embraces, which angered the god.


Her blood pounded in her ears, and she felt nauseous. For the first time, she truly understood the expression of one's heart being in her throat, because she could feel it slowly choking her and making the letters swim before her eyes.

She read on.


Apollo said, "You dare scorn me?"

Cassandra did not reply, for she knew with terrible certainty what was going to happen, and she knew she could not stop it.

"You stupid, impertinent girl! I gave you the gift of prophecy as a babe, but it will be a gift no longer! I curse you, Cassandra! You will become the most powerful Oracle in the world, able to see farther than any other with complete accuracy. However, no matter what you say, no one will believe you. You can warn them, beg, scream, and shout, but they will never listen to you."

Cassandra said nothing.


Cassandra said nothing. She could not utter a single word, even if she had wanted to. The only sound that escaped her lips was like that of a wounded animal. She was shaking, and crying. Still she read on, for how could she not?


Her curse became a source of endless pain and frustration. Cassandra was seen as a liar, as a madwoman, by her family and the people of Troy. They locked her away in an underground prison, where she was driven insane and died a lonely and miserable old woman.


The story ended there, and for that Cass was grateful, because she didn't think she would be able to continue reading if there were more. The book fell from her shaking hands, and the wails started up again. She heard Alfred on his way down, but she could not let him see her like this. She ran, as fast as she could, clutching her hands to her head and staggering out onto the road adjacent to the Cave. Cass didn't make it very far, because in her distress she overlooked a rock and subsequently tripped and fell. It was cold out, with frost gathering on the leaves and the grass. Not that Cassandra noticed.

After an indeterminable amount of time she heard in the distance a motorcycle coming down the road, but she couldn't find it in herself to really care. She understood all too clearly the pain of the prophet Cassandra.

People said many things, with their bodies and their mouths. Sometimes they contradicted each other, and other times they said the same thing. And she wanted to talk, she wanted to communicate with the world, but the words got stuck in her throat. She knew what she was trying to communicate, but everyone expected her to put words to it, and what they didn't understand was that that was fucking hard. Reading what peoples' bodies said was like an extra sense for her, so asking her to vocalize these things was like trying to ask someone what color red was. It was so obvious to her, but no one understood.

She laid on the road listening to the motorcycle, thinking pretty negative things and generally feeling sorry for herself.

She was dimly aware that the motorcycle had stopped, and the person on it was getting off. She was really aware of the person poking her in the butt with their boot, and none too gently either.

"You alive?"

She rolled on to her back and looked up. She saw the motorcycle owner peering down at her. The moonlight made things hard to see, so the only distinctive feature she saw was a streak of white in his hair, kind of like a skunk.

"You're in the way, bitch. What are you even doing on this road anyways?"


"Bitch can you even talk?"

A wordless growl was all Jason Todd heard before he heard the crack of his nose breaking. Goddammit.

Emo girl was suddenly up on her feet and glaring at him. What the fuck?

"What the fuck?"

She still didn't say anything. What the hell was her deal? And why the fuck did she punch him? "Why the fuck did you punch me?"

Emo girl looked a little lost after that question, like she was trying to talk but didn't know how to get the words out. Wordlessly, she took his hand and made him pinch his nose and tilted his head back. Against his better judgement he began to feel sorry for emo girl.

"Whad your nabe?"

He saw tears start to form in her eyes in his peripheral vision and he was about to apologize, but she said with a hoarse voice, "Cassandra. You Jason Todd?"

How the fuck did she know that name

He jerked his head away from her and took a few steps back towards his motorcycle. "Who are you?" She smirked. Look bitch, it's kind of hard to look intimidating with a broken nose plus it's ass o'clock in the morning so I really don't have time to deal with this shit.

He didn't say that, though.

"Batgirl. Used to be. You?" Oh, well that explains how she knew the name at least.

"Robid. Use do be." He tried to sound all mocking and whatever, but he was off his game and had a broken nose to boot, so he just sounded tired. Which he was.

"Didn't meet you. You were dead."

Refreshing. Someone who doesn't beat around the bush, so to speak. He didn't know if he hated her or loved her for that. Still didn't make the whole goddamn situation any less awkward.

"Well..." Would it be weird if she rode back to the Cave on the back of his motorcycle. He forgot all the Bat-protocols for this sort of thing. And anyways, what was a former Batgirl doing outside on a cold night like this with only a Gotham Knights jersey and duck pajama pants on?

"You okay?" Well, at least he could tell Dick he tried to show 'brotherly concern'. Better late than never.

Cassandra stood up straighter, and a spark lit in her eyes, small but fierce.

"I will be."


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