not a soul in all these lonely streets

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I think I might have... a boyfriend? I'm not sure how this happened, but I'm not exactly complaining. I'll call him Sol for now.

He's a very good kisser, has a v big dick, and knows how to use it. The full package, amirite?

The problem is that awful thing called feelings.

He keeps on saying things like, "Babe, you're perfect, blah blah blah, you're so hot, etc. etc."

I know he's just saying that to get me to fuck him, which I'm going to do anyways, so I just wish he'd stop saying those things. They make me uncomfortable.

I'm growing out my hair. It's been a trying endeavor, but it's almost to my ass now so I guess I'm doing something right. Did I talk about my job? It's at Carrs. It's fun, the pay's all right, and it's how I met Sol. The money is how I've been paying for all my beauty pursuits.

I'll talk more later. I gotta finish my homework.


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