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The moon
Okay this won't be very long, but I just saw something the other day that kind of blew my mind.

At this point you're saying, "Nicole, what the heck? The moon is nothing special!"

To which I would say: WRONG.

It was a cold winter morning, and I had stayed home from school because I was a big fat ball of nerves that day. I looked out the window, and there it was-- the moon.

However, dear reader, this is why the sight brought tears to my eyes:

Imagine a sky that is light pink, which fades into lavender, which fades into blue. The lavender is dominant and it looks like a big stripe from your mother's bedroom window. In the middle of this lavender stripe hangs the moon-- it is beautiful. It is a full moon, like a perfect pearl, and it seems to be alight with a burning pale yellow/gold fire. The sight makes your throat tighten and you are at a loss of words because this is-- you can't even describe it.

That is what the moon looked like.


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